Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy weekend

It's Saturday and the weekend is shifting thru my fingers I worked 1.5 hours of overtime this morning and then got a haircut. I have done mundane things like laundry and taking down the Christmas tree. Better late than never. I was able to obtain the Raspberry Chocolate Chips for the pie I make every year at Thanksgiving. The chips will go in the freezer until November. I improvised for last year and it was just okay. This is one of my son's favorite pies so he did enjoy it.

No sewing so far this weekend. I am going to finish a lamp for dining room. I am trying to clean each room. This weekend is the dining room. I need to cover a few more Styrofoam balls to go in the mason jar base. And put the trim on the lamp shade. Then I need to find the timer for lamp. I come into the house thru the dining room at night and the light switch is on the other side of the room and the light on garage goes out before I can get to light switch in the dining room.

I have finished the first step on the JK Project and tomorrow I am going to the yarn store to see what I can find on the clearance table for the next step in the project. Use fancy yarn. I have an orange fancy yarn that does not go with the pink and softer colors that I have been using in this project. I like scrap quilts but that is ridiculous.
In stitches,

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