Monday, June 24, 2013

Hexies Rule!

  I have dug out my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt out of the closet with the intention of finishing the piecing of the top by the end of 2013. It is still misshapen but I have slowly added pieces to it. I keep it clothe pinned to the trash bag at my desk and I work on it whenever I have a free minute. It is my oldest UFO. Linking up with Judy L.

I was out in the yard, digging in the weeds yesterday. I have weeded all of the flower beds and ready to start round two. I worked so hard yesterday that I have earned myself a new trowel. I bent the old up something terrible. I still have a little bit of planting to do today. I have two pots of begonias to do for my front porch, a few marigolds to put in the pot on the deck, and my herbs to put in the boxes hanging from my deck. The next thing will be mulch.

In stitches,

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Green One is my Favorite

I made three dresses for Elly and I told my son on the phone the green one is my favorite and this is the picture I got on Tuesday. And I have been reminded that I do that thing with my feet that she is doing.

In stitches,

Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's addictive!!

I have been working on making hexies the last two days and it is addictive. I have cut close to 100 white hexies  and I can glue paste at least while I am waiting for my callers to gather the information I need for their prior authorization. My pile of hexies are growing!! I will soon be adding them to my top. I am so excited.

I like to add a picture to my blog and I do not have a picture of the hexies in the bag up at the sewing machine, but I do have a picture of the quilt I have on my front door. I used to have a basket of ivy that I added flowers or stars as the seasons changed.

In stitches,

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Down Time

 I work in a call center and sometimes I have a bit of down time. So I like to have something to work on. Lately I have been crocheting dish cloths. I have made and given away quite a bunch of them. In fact, if you see me on the street, watch out I might offer you a dish cloth.

Several years ago I made this quilt during my down time at work. It is hand pieced. I would mark the 1/4" seam allowance and away I would go. It is not yet quilted because it will be hand quilted.

So I have prepped all morning for my new down time project. Hexies!! I have cut a good stack of white hexies and today I will start glue basting them. I have finished one so far and I have already learned the glue dries quickly and I had to reapply it times to get around the hexagon. This is such a learning process.

I also spent an hour snipping on Neil's rag quilt. Not much to show for that. But I am trying to do about an hour every day and hope to get it washed and dried this weekend.

In stitches,

Monday, June 17, 2013


This will make my sister, Karen, happy. I have yet again drug out my Grandmother's Flower Garden. It was started more years ago than I can remember. I have been reading lots of blogs about hexies and decided this needed see the light of day and perhaps become a finished project for 2013.

I have finally figured out what needs to be done in order for me to complete it. I used to add pieces to this quilt in a circular manner. Not a good idea, it now misshapen. Also this was started when I was a novice quilter. I noticed there are a few pieces in the quilt top that are not 100% cotton. I am not taking them out but I am not adding any more of them to the quilt top. Also my color palette has definitely changed over the years. I really like bright colors and 30's prints. Not many of them in this quilt. But I still have some similar prints in my stash that will work if I need to make more flowers.

I did find a nice stack of flowers and an equally nice stack of hexies that need to be paper lined. I have here to order pre cut hexie shapes for the paper lining. And I have a new template to use when I cut the white fabric. And the class I took with Darlene Zimmerman, here has given the courage to finish the edge of the quilt.

I need to upstairs and get busy. The last few hours of my weekend is fading fast and I think I am going to put in some overtime tonight.

In stitches,

Design Wall Monday

I cannot remember the last time I posted something to Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. I am trying to stay more focused on quilting and this is the project that I am working on right now.

This is the quilt I am making for my nephew, Neil here, who is having his 2nd birthday later this month. It is now in need of snipping, snipping, and more snipping before it gets a bath and a fluff!!

In stitches,


I spent a bit of time reading old posts on my blog. This is a quilting blog. If you read my old  posts you would think that it was a blog about me working over time and a bit of quilting thrown in for good measure.

That is changing as of now. The new focus of the blog will be quilting, a bit of gardening, and a few posts about family. And not much about working.

This is one of two quilts I machine quilted and bound for the raffle at my sister's school. It will be a project I will be involved with as long as my sister is teaching there.

In stitches,

Saturday, June 8, 2013


I got a bit of sewing done yesterday before work. The next two dresses for Elly are taking shape. I plan on finishing all of them this weekend and get them in the mail the first of the week. I am getting ready to start my Saturday shift. I am hoping that we are not busy and that I can sew between calls. If not there is always crocheting dish cloths and looking at quilt books and magazines that are piling up. 

Tomorrow is the beginning of my weekend. I am kicking the day off with a stint in the front flower bed. Weeding and planting. Then adding sewing or quilting to the mix. I plan to get lots done!! 

 I guess I need to get moving towards the work computer and the sewing machine. The sooner my day starts the sooner it will be over. Hope everyone has a great sewing or quilting weekend!!

A little bit of my gardening. Flowers from my friend, Barb. And you can see a bit of my weeding.

 In stitches,

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Still no sewing

Still no sewing getting done around here. The sewing machine is still packed up from my class with Darlene Zimmerman. The house could use a bit of attention, but the yard is starting to look much better. I finished the front flowerbed and around the side of the house. It has been weeded and the begonias have been planted. Still needs mulch. I have another flower bed in the front but it is smaller. It needs to be weeded and planted. Today we are to have on and off showers. Great for the plants I have planted and even better for the weeds. They should come out without much work tomorrow. I am going to have to slow down on the weeding and planting on the days I have to work. My body was dragging last night. I work second shift and 11pm is a long day after doing a bunch of yard work. My neighbor mowed both yards last night and it looks really good. 

After my meeting today, I hope to get the sewing machine out and finish two dresses for Elly. We had a lovely Skype conversation on Tuesday. It is a nice way to spend my lunch break at work. 

I must go and get ready to go to my meeting. The sooner I go the sooner I am to getting to the sewing machine.

In stitches,

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


It has been a most wonderful weekend. Mine is Sunday and Monday. Sunday I took a class with Darlene Zimmerman. I took the Finishing School class and if you ever get a chance to take this class, go for it. I learned so much. Darlene is a hands on teacher and very patience. You are not making a project but making samples to use on your next quilt or one of the many UFO's that are hiding in your sewing room. I have a UFO that is going to get a new lease on life with scallops!

Yesterday I did a road trip with my mom and my sister, Karen. We meandered thru the hills of Boone County Kentucky checking out the quilt barns. They were awesome. We stopped at the Dinsmore Farm for lunch. There was a quilt block on a barn on the property. We had a great time!! My sister was in charge of programming my Garmin and she was forever yelling at the Garmin lady. It was a hoot.

Today is planting day. I have flats of begonias to get in the ground. I have 6 pots that need to be spray painted green and planted with marigolds for my porch steps. I still have weeding to do and mulch to put down. And my work week starts later today.

In stitches.