Monday, February 28, 2011

Sewing, finally!!

I finally got to do some sewing this weekend! I am making bags for little girls. I have four bags in the same stage of almost done. I have to make the handles for all four bags and put the binding on the top edge of 2 bags. That is easy enough to do. Then I have two more bags to make before Friday night or early Saturday morning. The birthday party is on Saturday and I will get there after I do my overtime. 

I walked with my mom and sister, Becky yesterday in Glendale, Ohio. (hi Becky!). It is nice, interesting little town. Lots of old homes, new homes, and lots of historic stuff to look at. We had a great walk. We are looking for spring and hoping for sunshine. We did not get much of that for our walk. 

I got up this morning during the calm before the storm. Lightning, thunder, and lots of rain and wind. I had to go out in my jammies to retrieve my recycle bin which had escaped off my side porch. I am finally warm. Time for my shower with warm water and no wind. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend and got to spend some time doing the things they love the most!! Have a great week!!

In stitches,

Friday, February 25, 2011

In my yard


The weatherman was right again today. Rain/snow mix. The snow pictures are of my back yard and my swing. 

This is my front yard. I normally do not have a lake in my front yard and this evening it was gone along with all the snow. At one point this morning it was sunny and snowing. But nothing was sticking.

Good news on the job front. I had interviewed for my job on Tuesday and today I was offered my position, full time, permanent, with benefits, and my seniority in place. I had almost 5 years of seniority. I start as a permanent employee on March 14th. Benefits do not go in effect until May 1st. I will start accumulating PTO hours that I cannot use until the middle of June. I am hoping to get to New York to visit my kids but it won't happen until June at the earliest. 

I did a bit of sewing before work and I think I have perfected the handles for the shopping bag. It is something that I can be proud of. Tomorrow after work will be a sewing day!

In stitches,

Thursday, February 24, 2011


How come on the day you have been up for the longest (over 18 hours), you cannot wind down to sleep. I have tried playing computer games, exercising, and now I am going to force myself to sleep. Surely there is something I want to see on TV because that will put me to sleep for sure. 

I did spend some time this morning before work looking at quilt blogs. There are only about 100 things out there that I would not mind starting. But of course, I do not need any more new projects. This weekend is bags for gifts. I need to make two purple bags and one pink bag for the little girls at the birthday party next weekend. I need to make a bag for my niece, mother of one purple and one pink bag, and a bag for other daughter who is turning 1. The bag for her will have a doll in it. I also need to make one other bag for my other niece who may or may not be at the party. Also I need one boy present. He will not be getting a tote bag and I have already made him a denim bag. So he will get something from me.

Still no bag for me yet. I am making bags for the gals at work. I have one completely finished and one almost finished. And lots to do. But I am trying to use the stash that is upstairs in the dining room where I am currently sewing. So these bags should be interesting.  Pictures to follow soon. 

Work is still busy. Overtime has not let up yet. One site is closing tomorrow, so we should get busier. I used part of my overtime money for the new refrigerator. I am really enjoying the refrigerator. It seems so empty right now. Grocery shopping is on the list this weekend.

Rain/snow mix for the drive to work tomorrow. Lovely! I have been hoping for spring but I guess that is not an option yet. I know it is coming!!

In stitches,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sewing at work

I am still sewing in between calls and when the system is loading authorizations. I have almost stitched 4 of the 27 rows together for the bright quilt I am making.It is so calming.

I had my interview for my job today. I am being reinstated but I need to go thru all the hoops. Today was my interview and I should know something by the middle or end of next week. Yeah!! Perhaps I will have an answer by my birthday in the beginning of March. 

The new refrigerator is great. I am slowly adding things to it. I have purchased ice cube trays for it. I also got some chicken on sale which I will cook this weekend. It is still in the middle of the kitchen, kinda like a tall, skinny, cold island. It makes a different noise than the last one and since it is not up against the wall it sounds even louder. 

It is time to get ready for work. I am trying to get in about 1.5 hours of overtime every day except for Thursday. And we are still on for overtime on Saturday, but that could change if the numbers go down. Last week the numbers were down, but things were stuck in the system and we had to wait until things got unstuck before we could leave. I ended up with 4 hours on Saturday. I need as much as I can get this week as I did not get paid for Monday, refrigerator day!!

In stitches,

Monday, February 21, 2011


My new refrigerator came today. The guys from Lowe's came and took away the old one and replaced it with this one. My house is small and cozy and they had to cut the doors off the old refrigerator to get it out of my house. They also had to take off the doors of the new one to get it into my kitchen.

The old refrigerator had ice and water in the door. The new one does not have either option and no ice maker. Judy is now the official ice maker as soon as she gets some ice cube trays!! The refrigerator is at a jaunty angle as the water line from the old refrigerator is still leaking water in to my sink. My plumber is out of town on another job and so the refrigerator will stay here until he gets back. It will give time to clean the area behind the refrigerator. I like it so far. And it is the first appliance I have had to replace since moving into this house 3 years ago!! 

I also did some cooking today. I made a chuck roast and gravy in the crock pot as this was an item that was starting to thaw and I also make homemade spaghetti sauce. Now I will have things to put in my new freezer. 

No sewing done today. I was quite busy with other things. Tomorrow will be soon enough to do some sewing. And cleaning behind the refrigerator!!

In stitches,



Some thoughts about my stash. I have a large bucket full of 2.5" strips and I was working with them yesterday. I am making bags for the gals at work and I am using the strips from that bucket. I am making progress. Then I decided I needed a Leaders and Enders project to work on while I am making the bags. I am making a quilt out of The Scrap Basket Sensations Book. In fact it is the quilt on the front cover. I started digging in the bucket again and found 40 dark strips for this quilt. And it got me to wondering where did all these rather dark, ugly scraps come from. I remember buying some of them over the years, but I am thinking that some of them are just multiplying in the dark. I know that will be an interesting quilt when it is done. I like making scrap quilts so this will be yet another challenge to use what I have. 

Here is the bucket of 5" strips. Once I finish the 2.5" bucket I will start on this one. Shop the stash is my new mantra.

I will keep you all posted on this new project. I am trying to stay out of the fabric stores and keep shopping out of my stash. So far it is working!! And I am having a blast. 

In stitches,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sewing Sunday

It is Sunday and I am sewing!! I am so excited. I have finished my purple monochromatic challenge!! I am getting ready to start my Red Scrappy challenge. I have decided make bags for most of my challenges. The purple on turned out well. I have the red one at the sewing machine ready to go. Then it will be time to get out UFO #10 striped table runner{s}. I want to master one then make bunches for family and friends for Christmas. 

I bought something new today and it is being delivered tomorrow. A refrigerator!! I noticed this morning when I got ice that it was melty. Not cold and dry like it usually is. I got online and shopped around and decided on 18.2 cu. ft. top freezer refrigerator from Lowe's and they will deliver it tomorrow afternoon. All those hours of overtime have paid off. Of course, I am taking the day off to wait on the delivery and I will not get paid for the day.

Yesterday, I left for work at 6am and this is what I saw outside. The prettiest moon and the trees without leaves gives it the aura of Halloween!! How many days until spring?

In stitches,

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's Saturday

It's Saturday and I am running out of steam. All week I have gotten up and exercised before going to work. Not so much this morning. It is day #6 in a row and the start of hour #6 of overtime and I cannot remember the last time we did not work on Saturday. I am up but not exercising until later. Perhaps it will be warm enough for a walk outside. 

I want to sew this weekend but I still have a couple of errands to run this afternoon after work is done. I am hoping to start working on my bags. It is a good stash busting project. I will need to pick up some more elastic for the handles.

Have a good weekend and enjoy some time with your sewing machine and fondling your stash!!!

In stitches,

Friday, February 18, 2011

Good morning, it's Friday!!!


Good morning, it's Friday!!! The weekend is almost here. I have plans to spend some time with my sewing machine and getting out to enjoy the warm, fresh air of Ohio. 

Some good news on the job front. My job has been posted with the company and there will 6 slots for hire. I have been assured one has my name on it, but I have to go through proper channels to get the job. Last night I spent a good portion of my free time applying for my current job. That is the first step in the direction of getting back to full time, benefits, and my seniority. I will keep you posted as soon as I know something.

I have gotten two rows completely put together on my hand piecing project and I am starting to attach the next row. It is quite calming to do while the system is taking is good sweet time at work. It has not crashed again since last week. Slow is better than crashing!!

I hope everyone has a great day and enjoy your weekend!!

In stitches,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Thursday

Today is my early day! In at 7am and out by 4:30 and it is supposed to be in the upper 60's!!! I have been up and exercised and drank nearly a quart of water. I did get almost two rows sewn together yesterday. I have completed 9 rows so far. Hey, I am 1/3 of the way done with the piecing of this quilt. I am hoping that after my meeting, I can put some time in at the frame. Still unsure of the challenge this this month. Perhaps when the overtime slows down at work, it would be easier to play along.

Keep the eye on the prize, the weekend is coming and for us in this part of Ohio, it will be warm!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keep at it

I keep working towards the goal of finding a few minutes each day to quilt. And it is starting to pay off!! I am hand piecing at work while my authorizations load. We are quite busy and that makes the system run very slow. I stitch a 3.5" square to each rectangle. That is quick work. And at the end of the day I accomplish something.

And last night I was able to spend about 45 minutes at the quilt frame. I still need to tweak the frame set up but I did start doing a bit of hand quilting. Yeah!! I always feel better after I have fondled fabric.

Hey, it's Wednesday. For some of you it is hump day, but when you work 6 days a week, you do not get a hump. Enjoy your day and keep your eyes open as the weekend is just on the horizon!!

In stitches,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I found some sewing time


I found some of my missing sewing time today!! I work in a call center and while my computer is slowly loads authorizations I am hand piecing squares and rectangles together. It is very calming in an otherwise crazy world. I have at least seven rows made and tonight I will press the rows I have completed and start sewing them together. I am on the phones for 9 hours a day and I figure I can get at least one row pieced a day. I need a total of 27 rows. I just need to keep plugging along. I think I can, I think I can.

In stitches,

It's Tuesday

It's Tuesday and the downward swing of February. I have yet to start any of my February challenges. I just need to make at least one table runner, something violet, and something red. I have a few ideas rolling around in my mind but nothing concrete as of yet.

Red is not my favorite color to work with, I have used it as a back on a quilt.

Violet is my mom's favorite color family and I do have a jelly roll earmarked for a split decision quilt. That is an option.

I have the directions and enough different striped pieces of fabric to make at least 10 table runners. I think if I got one done that would be wonderful.

I have such grandiose plans in the morning. I can get a lot done in the morning before I go to work. But after putting 9 hours on the phones in a call center, I am wore out when I get home. And we are still working 6 days a week and that makes my weekends rather short. Maybe tomorrow I will sew in the morning but it is doubtful!!!

In stitches,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring is coming


Yesterday, Mother Nature gave us a glimpse of Spring!! My mom and sister, Becky, went for a walk at Sharon Woods. The sun was out and it was about 54 degrees. There  was a hint of spring in the air even though there was still snow on the ground in places. 

And the lake was still frozen.

And a few icicles hanging out in places.

And of course, it was crowded. Lots of people out walking and running. Families, people with dogs and people without coats, in short sleeves and people in shorts!! Not us, we had our light weight winter coats on and they were zipped up. And my mom had her gloves on!!

In stitches,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

One finish


At the rate I am going, I am never going to get my UFO's finished. I did finish one project this week. The bag is for my co-worker's daughter. It will be the gift bag for her new notebook computer. Isn't that cool!! 

Today is my only day off this week and I have bunches of things to do. I am working on the laundry. I have some cleaning to do and a walk with my mom and sister. I am really hoping to get in the sewing room but that is not looking like an option today. Maybe I will get a few minutes with my hand piecing project. I have 7 rows done so far. Or perhaps I will start clearing out the closet in the basement. It is supposed to be my home office. Or start pricing stuff for my garage sale this spring. So many things to do and so little time. 

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!!

In stitches,

Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekend Plans

I am starting to countdown the hours to my weekend. Of course, mine does not start until 2PM on Saturday. Oh well!!! It is going to be a sewing weekend. I have plans to spent quite a bit of time with my sewing machine and the quilt I have in the frame in my basement. I really need the calming affect that fondling fabrics brings to my life.  

I had found a cool way to use my stash by making shopping bags for the gals at work as they left the department. Now that the department is not closing, I still need to work on the bags. There is talk that the department will be sending the "seasoned" reps home to work. I need to start working on bags so the "seasoned" reps can use the bags to haul their stuff home to work. A good stash busting project. 

Hope everyone has a good day and the weekend is on the horizon!!

In stitches,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finishing Projects


Finishing projects is my goal for February. I need to finish the bag for Erin. I need to work on baby quilt from last month. I have two sweatshirt jackets to make for friend and then try my hand at making bibs. Finally putting my sewing skills to work to make a little spending money. 

Work is going well. I am on my way to work now. I go in early on Thursdays so I can leave early on Thursdays to go to my support group. Thanks to Anna for trading days with me on Thursdays. We have found out that on Saturdays we only have to work 6 hours mandatory and we can work more if we want to. I am going to work 8 hours and I am starting at 6am. Then I will have a good chunk of sewing time to finish projects. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far and counting down to the weekend. I know I am!!

In stitches,


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making time to sew


I think I have figured out how to find time to sew in this busy period of my life. I got up this morning and did my exercising while I ran the dryer with my blanket from work in it. I will work either 9 or 9.5 hours then come home have dinner and then into the sewing room. I am almost finished with tote bag for a cool kid who is having a birthday next week. Her mom is a special friend of mine. The bag is mostly pink with touches of purple. I can finish it tonight and then back to UFO#6 from last month. Lists, I need to make a list.

Got a good report from my lupus doctor yesterday. She is impressed with my weight loss and says the stress level at work plays havoc with my lupus. There will always be stress but this is the kind that I can strive in. I have a job!!

Check it out! The countdown to spring. I just want the snow to go away!! And for it to warm up a bit. Single digits are not warm!! 

In stitches,


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm a Block Magnet


I have figured out that I am a block magnet along with a fabric collector. On Sunday I was out with my sister, Karen and I came home with some blocks someone had given to her. I have to put them up on my design wall and send her pictures of the design and she will decide what she will do with them.

Last night was our guild meeting and I am now the proud owner of a rather large shoebox full of very tiny 9 patch blocks. At our January guild meeting we had a UFO exchange. We sat round tables and drew numbers and you could pick from the pile in the middle of the table or steal from someone else. The box of nine patch blocks were a big hit and got stolen many times. The end of the evening was when the first gal got a second turn and she stole the box from me. Last night she showed what she made from the box and gave the box to me. Now I need to decide what to make with the contents of the box and perhaps pass the box on to someone else, if there is anything left in the box.

In stitches,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Stash Report

No sewing done this week. Also no shopping, just working, exercising, and sleeping, So my numbers are good this week!!

Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 3.75 yards
Used this Week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 5.75 yards
Net Used for 2011: 2.0 yards

Check out Patchwork Times and see how everyone is doing!

In stitches,


Last October we got news at work that our department was closing the end of January 2011. We did get extended through the end of February. I quit to take another job in December. That job fell through and I went back to my old job as a temp. No benefits just me paying Cobra. Yeah!! Friday we got news that our department is staying open indefinitely!!!! And my boss is getting me reinstated with benefits and my seniority. When I left I had been there for 4.5 years. I am so blessed. Of course, the overtime is killing us. Mandatory overtime of at least 13 hours a week. More if you want it.

I did a bit of unsewing yesterday. I am still working on UFO #6 and I had sewn some of that wrong. But it is all ripped out and the next time I get to sew I will be back on track. Just a few weeks behind. Oh well. 

Had a wonderful time yesterday with my sister, Karen. {Hi Karen}. We went to reopening of a JoAnn's fabric in her neighborhood. I am now the proud owner of a spool of thread for the above quilt and some new ear wires for a pair of earrings. She got fabric for her flannel quilt, a new rotary cutter, some yarn, a crotchet hook, and some hand sewing needles to do her red work embroidery. We had such a good time. It was cold, sunny and NOT snowing!!

In stitches,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Challenges

February is looking to be yet another challenging month in more ways than one. The monochromatic color is Violet and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is Red. The UFO is #10. I did not finish the UFO challenge from last month. But life has gotten in the way. I am back working as a temp at my old job. We have just been trained to take phone calls and since Monday we have been taking calls back to back. The weather in St. Louis and Bloomington, MN has played havoc with my work schedule. I was already doing 9 hour days and today it has been upped to 10 hours. One hour of overtime and one hour after my shift. Yippee!! I have heard it all, the money is so nice. But what people fail to realize, is that you are too tired to enjoy anything. I get up, work out, go to work, come home, eat, and go to bed and then repeat the whole process.

I am excited to start planning what to do for this month's challenges. My UFO #10 is table runners that I have promised my siblings for years. They are Christmas table runners and if I can get them done now, they will get them this summer so they will have them for the holidays. And I am hoping to work on UFO #6 from January. I either need more hours in day or less over time. Neither of which will happen I am sure. 

In stitches,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rainbow scrap challenge finish

Here is my January finish for Rainbow Scrap Challenge. A blue back pack that goes to work with me. I am not giving this one away!! Check out the January finishes at Rainbow Scrap Challenge

In stitches,


January Monochromatic Finish

Here is my January Monochromatic Finish. A yellow shopping bag that already has a new home. As much as I love yellow, it is always nice to give things away!! Check out Patchwork Times and see all the pretty yellow things!!

In stitches,