Friday, February 18, 2011

Good morning, it's Friday!!!


Good morning, it's Friday!!! The weekend is almost here. I have plans to spend some time with my sewing machine and getting out to enjoy the warm, fresh air of Ohio. 

Some good news on the job front. My job has been posted with the company and there will 6 slots for hire. I have been assured one has my name on it, but I have to go through proper channels to get the job. Last night I spent a good portion of my free time applying for my current job. That is the first step in the direction of getting back to full time, benefits, and my seniority. I will keep you posted as soon as I know something.

I have gotten two rows completely put together on my hand piecing project and I am starting to attach the next row. It is quite calming to do while the system is taking is good sweet time at work. It has not crashed again since last week. Slow is better than crashing!!

I hope everyone has a great day and enjoy your weekend!!

In stitches,

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