Monday, February 21, 2011



Some thoughts about my stash. I have a large bucket full of 2.5" strips and I was working with them yesterday. I am making bags for the gals at work and I am using the strips from that bucket. I am making progress. Then I decided I needed a Leaders and Enders project to work on while I am making the bags. I am making a quilt out of The Scrap Basket Sensations Book. In fact it is the quilt on the front cover. I started digging in the bucket again and found 40 dark strips for this quilt. And it got me to wondering where did all these rather dark, ugly scraps come from. I remember buying some of them over the years, but I am thinking that some of them are just multiplying in the dark. I know that will be an interesting quilt when it is done. I like making scrap quilts so this will be yet another challenge to use what I have. 

Here is the bucket of 5" strips. Once I finish the 2.5" bucket I will start on this one. Shop the stash is my new mantra.

I will keep you all posted on this new project. I am trying to stay out of the fabric stores and keep shopping out of my stash. So far it is working!! And I am having a blast. 

In stitches,


Deborah said...

I love using up my strips in piano key boarders - when you are making medallion quilts that is nearly the whole quilt


Deanna said...

I'm making a Sensations quilt, too. Nova. You will love making any quilt from that book.