Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekend Plans

I am starting to countdown the hours to my weekend. Of course, mine does not start until 2PM on Saturday. Oh well!!! It is going to be a sewing weekend. I have plans to spent quite a bit of time with my sewing machine and the quilt I have in the frame in my basement. I really need the calming affect that fondling fabrics brings to my life.  

I had found a cool way to use my stash by making shopping bags for the gals at work as they left the department. Now that the department is not closing, I still need to work on the bags. There is talk that the department will be sending the "seasoned" reps home to work. I need to start working on bags so the "seasoned" reps can use the bags to haul their stuff home to work. A good stash busting project. 

Hope everyone has a good day and the weekend is on the horizon!!

In stitches,

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