Monday, February 21, 2011


My new refrigerator came today. The guys from Lowe's came and took away the old one and replaced it with this one. My house is small and cozy and they had to cut the doors off the old refrigerator to get it out of my house. They also had to take off the doors of the new one to get it into my kitchen.

The old refrigerator had ice and water in the door. The new one does not have either option and no ice maker. Judy is now the official ice maker as soon as she gets some ice cube trays!! The refrigerator is at a jaunty angle as the water line from the old refrigerator is still leaking water in to my sink. My plumber is out of town on another job and so the refrigerator will stay here until he gets back. It will give time to clean the area behind the refrigerator. I like it so far. And it is the first appliance I have had to replace since moving into this house 3 years ago!! 

I also did some cooking today. I made a chuck roast and gravy in the crock pot as this was an item that was starting to thaw and I also make homemade spaghetti sauce. Now I will have things to put in my new freezer. 

No sewing done today. I was quite busy with other things. Tomorrow will be soon enough to do some sewing. And cleaning behind the refrigerator!!

In stitches,

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