Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hoping you will be spending time with those who are near and dear to you. For those who will not be joining for the holiday, know that they will be with in your heart.

I will be cooking dinner tomorrow at my sister's house. It will be a small gathering this year. I still have a bit of hemming left to do on the table cloth for our table tomorrow. My mom will be meeting me here at my house and we will travel together to my sister's house. My youngest sister and her three kids will also be joining us for dinner an Wii. We will exercise off all that turkey.

I will not be attending any of the Black Friday sales this year. I am working both Friday and Saturday! I am aiming to get to JoAnn Fabrics this weekend for some of the thread that is on sale. I have a couple of sewing projects that I am doing for Christmas and need thread to complete them. I will be off Sunday and Monday and I am hoping to get started on my Christmas sewing.

Hoping everyone has a blessed time with family and friends and be careful when out for Black Friday!!

In stitches,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am spoiled

I am so spoiled and I will admit that. I have a job that I really like and have been doing it for almost six years. In April of this year, management sent a bunch of us home to work including me. I am so in love with working from home. This week or at least the days before Thanksgiving several of us are back in the office for training. The office is located in a rather busy, congested shopping area. It is the week before Thanksgiving and it is raining. That is not a good mix for anybody. Traffic is horrid!! In the morning it is not bad for me but my co-workers are on the road over an hour to get to work. Last night there were lots of accidents and an explosion and fire at the General Electric testing facility in Evendale. Yuck!! It takes me about 17 minutes to get from my garage to the parking lot at work and it took over 45 minutes to get home last night. And now I am getting ready to do this again. I will be happy to be working in my living room on Black Friday and I might even stay in my jammies!!!

In stitches,

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Plans

It is going to be an interesting week. Of course, Thanksgiving is Thursday and our family gathering is going to be on the small side this year. My sister and her hubby have moved to Georgia and they are not coming this year. My son and his wife and their dog will not be making the trip from New York for Thanksgiving but will be here for Christmas instead. My niece is cooking this year in Columbus for her family and a few friends. My sister's husband is leaving town and spending Thanksgiving with friends who live near the airport. My brother never spends Thanksgiving with us and will miss him and his family and will see them on Christmas Eve. So this year we are gathering at my sister's house, where I will share the cooking with my mom, my sister Becky, and my sister Patty. Patty will be bringing my niece, Lily and her two brothers Vincent and Neil. It will be a small but festive group. We will miss all those who cannot be with us this year and hope to see them all at Christmas Eve celebration at my mom's.

I have been sewing. I am working on special project not quite ready for pictures. I did snip a tiny bit of my finger with the scissors that I thought were not quite that sharp. I have bandaged it up and I seem to still have feeling in that finger. I am hoping to do a little more sewing before going to bed.

Tomorrow thru Wednesday I will going into the office to work. I along with about 11 other co-workers will be in the office for training. It will be nice to see these people. Most of us are work at home people and I have not seen them in quite some time. I need pack a lunch and get up much earlier and actually drive to work. I know I will appreciate Friday and Saturday this week when I am working from home yet again. 

I must close and get ready to finish my day. Look for something to wear to work. Find a notebook to take notes in and pack my lunch!!

In stitches,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today is my Monday

Sunday and Monday are my weekend. And it has been more fun than one person can handle. Sunday I went to the store and picked a few groceries and made homemade pea soup. Yum!! Did some laundry with the full intention of sewing Monday.

Monday was great! Cleaned up my dishes and to the sewing machine I went. First to machine quilt in gold the piece of turkey fabric I got to cover the whole in way in hallway. My neighbor told me how fix last night. Just what I need, another project! I tore up this house looking for one of the two feet I use for meandering. Two hours later Jennifer and I were on the road to get a new foot!

 Got the foot, then the bobbin cracked from age. Fixed that, then I bent the needle. Fixed that and finished the piece. Then my neighbor dropped by with fabric for me to make neck scarves is for dogs for their Christmas picture. Those are done already!

Just before bed, I heard a noise in bedroom. Drip, drip, drip. We had high winds yesterday and rain and now my roof leaking just above my head. After moving the bed, dusting, I put the bucket behind the bed to catch the water. Water dripping in an empty plastic bucket is quite loud when one is trying to sleep. Added a towel to the bucket to muffle the noise. In the morning, I connected with a gal at work whose former son in law is a contractor that does roof work. He came out on Wednesday and tacked down a few shingles and all is well with the world. 

I was able to finish 3 doggy scarves, the turkey wall hanging and the Christmas wall hanging since Monday. Quite a productive week so far.

In stitches,

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Life is busy right now. I have decided to treat myself to a top to bottom check up. Not all appointments have been completed and not all results are in but nothing much wrong. Yeah! The kidney stones have stopped dancing for the time being.

I have been hand quilting during the slow times at work. In fact, I am quilting right now. It is so relaxing. My weekend starts around 5pm tonight and I am planning to spend it with my sewing machine. Pictures to follow.

In stitches,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I have been remiss

I have been remiss in adding entries on my blog. My new shift has started at work. I am now working Tuesday thru Saturday 8am to 4:30pm. I am really liking the new shift. I have also been doing some overtime. I am spending my free time waiting for another kidney stone to pass. And getting all of my medical check ups done. I am guessing that will be my Christmas gift to myself and they all should be done in time for Christmas.

I have been doing a little bit of sewing. I am currently hemming 5 pairs of pants for a friend.  And I am working on my hand quilting project in between calls at work. Not much down time at work and not much hand quilting being done. I am toying with the idea of making a quilt for JoAnn Fabrics' quilt contest so I have been working on several ideas. I seem to be more creative when I am somewhat overwhelmed  by life. And that is what is happening in my life right now.

In stitches,