Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today is my Monday

Sunday and Monday are my weekend. And it has been more fun than one person can handle. Sunday I went to the store and picked a few groceries and made homemade pea soup. Yum!! Did some laundry with the full intention of sewing Monday.

Monday was great! Cleaned up my dishes and to the sewing machine I went. First to machine quilt in gold the piece of turkey fabric I got to cover the whole in way in hallway. My neighbor told me how fix last night. Just what I need, another project! I tore up this house looking for one of the two feet I use for meandering. Two hours later Jennifer and I were on the road to get a new foot!

 Got the foot, then the bobbin cracked from age. Fixed that, then I bent the needle. Fixed that and finished the piece. Then my neighbor dropped by with fabric for me to make neck scarves is for dogs for their Christmas picture. Those are done already!

Just before bed, I heard a noise in bedroom. Drip, drip, drip. We had high winds yesterday and rain and now my roof leaking just above my head. After moving the bed, dusting, I put the bucket behind the bed to catch the water. Water dripping in an empty plastic bucket is quite loud when one is trying to sleep. Added a towel to the bucket to muffle the noise. In the morning, I connected with a gal at work whose former son in law is a contractor that does roof work. He came out on Wednesday and tacked down a few shingles and all is well with the world. 

I was able to finish 3 doggy scarves, the turkey wall hanging and the Christmas wall hanging since Monday. Quite a productive week so far.

In stitches,

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