Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Plans

It is going to be an interesting week. Of course, Thanksgiving is Thursday and our family gathering is going to be on the small side this year. My sister and her hubby have moved to Georgia and they are not coming this year. My son and his wife and their dog will not be making the trip from New York for Thanksgiving but will be here for Christmas instead. My niece is cooking this year in Columbus for her family and a few friends. My sister's husband is leaving town and spending Thanksgiving with friends who live near the airport. My brother never spends Thanksgiving with us and will miss him and his family and will see them on Christmas Eve. So this year we are gathering at my sister's house, where I will share the cooking with my mom, my sister Becky, and my sister Patty. Patty will be bringing my niece, Lily and her two brothers Vincent and Neil. It will be a small but festive group. We will miss all those who cannot be with us this year and hope to see them all at Christmas Eve celebration at my mom's.

I have been sewing. I am working on special project not quite ready for pictures. I did snip a tiny bit of my finger with the scissors that I thought were not quite that sharp. I have bandaged it up and I seem to still have feeling in that finger. I am hoping to do a little more sewing before going to bed.

Tomorrow thru Wednesday I will going into the office to work. I along with about 11 other co-workers will be in the office for training. It will be nice to see these people. Most of us are work at home people and I have not seen them in quite some time. I need pack a lunch and get up much earlier and actually drive to work. I know I will appreciate Friday and Saturday this week when I am working from home yet again. 

I must close and get ready to finish my day. Look for something to wear to work. Find a notebook to take notes in and pack my lunch!!

In stitches,

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