Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sisters and Fun

It's the weekend, let the fun begin!! I have just finished working 20 hours of overtime and my new schedule starts next week. I will be working Tuesday thru Saturday. This will be a three day weekend for me. Wow!!

My sister, Karen, is in town again from Georgia and we are going to get into mischief this weekend. Tomorrow Karen, Becky, another sister and our mom are going to see Art Deco: Fashion and Design in the Jazz Age 
and then back to Becky's for lunch of homemade soup and bread. Then I think Karen and I might make a trip to JoAnn Fabrics for the Moonlight Madness Sale. I am making a flannel nightgown for a friend for Christmas and the snuggle flannel is on sale 60% off.

Sunday is a trip to northern Kentucky to babysit my niece, Lily and her two younger brothers, Vincent and Neil while my sister mans the Open House at the school where she teaches. Then back home for me to work on mulch mountain. Actually it is going down and it is more like mulch hill. There still is enough mulch in the way of getting my car into the garage. The weather on Sunday is supposed to be favorable for mulch moving.

On Monday, Karen and I will be making a trip to Lawrenceburg, Indiana to visit the Hollywood Casino. Yeah. Then in the evening I will be able to go to my small quilt group meeting. That makes me happy!!

I have been sewing this week! I have found out that I can sew standing up. When my system at work is loading work for me, I end up with up to 15 minutes of time to fill. I did have a sewing table set up next to my desk, but that is so messy. So now I have my machine set up on  my buffet and sew standing up. Whatever works!! I am making a polar fleece duvet cover for my comforter. It is lavender and yellow with pink hook and loop tape. Sounds like an Easter Egg, doesn't it. The walls in my bedroom are sage green and this duvet cover will go with curtains that are hanging up there now. I am going to try it out tonight without the hook and loop tape. Tomorrow I will put that on the duvet cover after I get back from JoAnn's.

In stitches,

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Life is going along. My allergies have woken up and are kicking my butt. Seems to have settled in my chest and are playing hide and seek with my voice. I work in customer service and I am on the phone 8 hours a day. Today I was able to do work off the phone to save what little bit of voice I had. But mid way through the day, my internet went out. Shucky darn. For almost an hour I was unable to do any work at all. But my voice was behaving. Getting ready to log back into the work computer for my overtime. Won't need my voice but there is a storm brewing outside with lots of lightning and thunder. I hope I can keep power tonight. Life is what happens when you make other plans.

No sewing again today. I will be too tired once my day is over to do any sewing. Maybe tomorrow between my over time and my regular shift I will be able to do a bit of sewing. I have several quick projects to do. Just need a few minutes together to get them done. I have purchased the fabric to make Lily a new flannel nightgown and it will be a cinch to sew together if I get the time.

My sister, Karen, is back in Ohio. We are hoping to spent some sister time together this weekend. I am also going to Kentucky to get some time with my niece and nephews on Sunday. And my new shift starts next week at work, and I will be off on Mondays. So this weekend I will have a three day weekend. Awesome!!

In stitches,


Monday, October 17, 2011

The Weekend Stuff

The weekend is over and what a weekend it was. I spent Friday night with Jan and Linda from my quilt group at the new JoAnn Fabrics and dinner a Wendy. No of this was planned we ran into each at the store and had such a good time.

Saturday I went to my mom's and spent the day with her and my sister and her three kids who were visiting for the weekend. I brought along home made pizza crust for lunch and Tastefully Simple Beer Bread for dinner. The kids helped make the beer bread for dinner.

Lily and Vincent made Ghosts for their yard.

The finished products with Lily and Vincent.

The ghosts in mom's flowerbed with St. Francis Assisi

And  the newest member of  Lily and Vincent's family.

In stitches,

Thursday, October 13, 2011


It has been such a busy week so far. The big push at work last week was that were going to be so busy. Incentives were given for people to sign up for overtime. I do overtime almost every day so I took the incentives. We were not busy at all and people were sent home on unpaid time off. I did volunteer for that one time as my sister was in town for a visit. This week that increased work load showed up and no incentives were offered and I took as much overtime as I could get. Of course, now I have money and am too tired to spend it.

No sewing has been done so far. I have done some prep work for a quilt I would like to do with the leftover brown, lime green, and teal fabrics. Once I have something sewn I will post pictures of it. I have been working in the yard. I am still working on getting rid of mulch mountain. It is starting to get cooler outside and at some point I will want to put my car in the garage and that mulch mountain is still in the way. I am a bit closer to getting the new flower bed put in the side yard. And once that is complete and huge chunk of mulch mountain will have a new home. And then I will just distribute the rest of the mulch in the yard. Then I will have to rearrange some stuff in the garage in order to get the car in there. 

In stitches,

Friday, October 7, 2011

The weekend is coming!

It is Friday and the weekend is coming!! Today is the only day this week that I am not doing overtime. Yeah! I have gotten my new shift at work. It starts on 10/25/2011. 8am to 4:30pm Tuesday thru Saturday. I am off one day during the week and that is a good thing. I will be able to save my PTO hours for something fun instead of doctor's appointments. I will be able to get to my quilting group and guild meeting. I am so excited. I will be able to do overtime and still have a life.

I have moved the quilt in the banner from the floor frame in the basement to a lap frame next to my work station in the living room. When I am slow on the phones I will be able to put a few stitches on the quilt. I was not able to get much quilting done on it while it was in the basement. It is very calming to work on it in between calls. I take customer service calls all day long. I have been doing it for over 5 years and just recently have started working from home. I would not trade it for the world.

My sister, Karen and I are going to the gambling boat in Indiana tonight and then tomorrow hooking up with the rest of my sisters and my mom for breakfast before my sister leaves to go back to Georgia. Her visit has been short but she how packed a lot of stuff into the time she was home.

This weekend will be yard work for sure. The lawn is screaming to be cut. It has been longer than this and I am not in danger of losing children in the yard yet. I am also hoping to work on the mulch pile on Sunday if the weather holds. It has been warm and sunny all week but I have been doing overtime. If you volunteer for overtime you own it and cannot give it back, unless it is the company's idea. It was their idea to cancel overtime for today. Not mine.

Time to finish the laundry in the washer and get ready for work. And get ready for the weekend!!

In stitches,

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday morning

Monday morning is the beginning of a wonderful week. I am doing a bunch of overtime again this week with a bonus at the end of the week. My sister is coming home for a visit. She should be arriving at her daughter's some time this morning. She will spent time in Columbus, Ohio until mid afternoon Wednesday when she will start her journey to my mom's in Hamilton. She will make many stops along the way, visiting other friends and family. She is bringing pecans from Georgia and her and mom will be making chocolate chip cookies. She and I will hook up on Friday night and go to the gambling boat and then all of my sisters and my mom will meet at mom's for lunch before she makes her way back to Georgia. We are all excited to see her and I know she is excited to see us.

No sewing done this weekend. Did have a friend from work come and put the poison in the attic to get rid of the mice critters up there. And the grocery store called my name loudly as there was no food for breakfast today. Now I have food. Yeah!!

I need to get off the computer and log in to the work computer upstairs and start taking calls. We are supposed to be starting our busy season today. Over time is calling my name.

In stitches,