Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday morning

Monday morning is the beginning of a wonderful week. I am doing a bunch of overtime again this week with a bonus at the end of the week. My sister is coming home for a visit. She should be arriving at her daughter's some time this morning. She will spent time in Columbus, Ohio until mid afternoon Wednesday when she will start her journey to my mom's in Hamilton. She will make many stops along the way, visiting other friends and family. She is bringing pecans from Georgia and her and mom will be making chocolate chip cookies. She and I will hook up on Friday night and go to the gambling boat and then all of my sisters and my mom will meet at mom's for lunch before she makes her way back to Georgia. We are all excited to see her and I know she is excited to see us.

No sewing done this weekend. Did have a friend from work come and put the poison in the attic to get rid of the mice critters up there. And the grocery store called my name loudly as there was no food for breakfast today. Now I have food. Yeah!!

I need to get off the computer and log in to the work computer upstairs and start taking calls. We are supposed to be starting our busy season today. Over time is calling my name.

In stitches,

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