Thursday, October 13, 2011


It has been such a busy week so far. The big push at work last week was that were going to be so busy. Incentives were given for people to sign up for overtime. I do overtime almost every day so I took the incentives. We were not busy at all and people were sent home on unpaid time off. I did volunteer for that one time as my sister was in town for a visit. This week that increased work load showed up and no incentives were offered and I took as much overtime as I could get. Of course, now I have money and am too tired to spend it.

No sewing has been done so far. I have done some prep work for a quilt I would like to do with the leftover brown, lime green, and teal fabrics. Once I have something sewn I will post pictures of it. I have been working in the yard. I am still working on getting rid of mulch mountain. It is starting to get cooler outside and at some point I will want to put my car in the garage and that mulch mountain is still in the way. I am a bit closer to getting the new flower bed put in the side yard. And once that is complete and huge chunk of mulch mountain will have a new home. And then I will just distribute the rest of the mulch in the yard. Then I will have to rearrange some stuff in the garage in order to get the car in there. 

In stitches,

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