Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Sewing

It is only 6 days until Christmas and I have finished my sewing for my sister. I made these back packs for my nephew's preschool teachers. One is Dr. Who fabric my sister ordered thru Spoonflower. The other is elephant fabric I picked up at JoAnn's. 

My kids are coming tomorrow and I need to measure them for their matching sleep pants. And  I have fabric for a night gown for Elly. All of this sewing has to been done before Christmas.
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bad habits

I have started some bad habits here lately. I have been finishing all sorts of projects but not taking a single picture. I finished a backpack for my sister, who will be using it as a teacher gift. It was really cute. Brown background with elephants on it. She is coming here on Sunday to get the next backpack and I will have her bring the elephant one back for its photo op. The one she is picking up on Sunday is made out of Dr Who fabric she purchased at Spoonflower. I have never used Spoonflower but she is very happy with the fabric that she got from them.

Tried to rearrange my house for my upcoming visitors. The room where Elly sleeps is chilly. I thought I could flip my bedroom and my dining room. It appears there is no way to get the dining table out of the dining room. I can only assume when my "movers" put the table in there, it came in thru the deck door. I can get it out that way but it would have to go to the garage. Balancing food on your lap with a two year is not a good way to have holiday meals. I am going to have to rethink sleeping arrangements. I have been sleeping the basement on the love seat chaise thingy. It is okay for a few nights, but you are sitting upright to sleep. I end up giving up my bed to my kids.  

This is a picture of my sister in last dress I made for her. It is the Vogue pattern that she worked so hard to lose the weight to get into it. I have fabric to make another dress after Christmas.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014


It has been a very long time since I have posted anything. This is a quilt that I made for my daughter in law to give as a gift. It is called Falling Charms from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I was looking for a quilt that looked awesome but not hard to do. This is it. Normally I pick a pattern and them pick the fabric. It is much harder to it the other way around.
 These are bags I made for my mom and my sisters. I used stuff from my stash and zippers that were given to me. It is a nice size. You can put some money, phone, keys etc. At this time of year you can slide it into your pocket and shop without worrying where your purse is. I am going to work on them after the first of the year and make a few changes.

These are my neighbor's dogs. She has three black rescue dogs. This Halloween Bailey was recovering from surgery, but I did make a costume Bailey. This year they were garden gnomes. It is always fun to see what Tina wants the dogs to be. Last year they were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Look who came to visit Grandma for Thanksgiving. Sitting pretty in the rocking chair I rocked her daddy in and wearing the new sweater that my mom, great Maggi knitted for her. Counting down the days until she will be back for Christmas!

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