Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bad habits

I have started some bad habits here lately. I have been finishing all sorts of projects but not taking a single picture. I finished a backpack for my sister, who will be using it as a teacher gift. It was really cute. Brown background with elephants on it. She is coming here on Sunday to get the next backpack and I will have her bring the elephant one back for its photo op. The one she is picking up on Sunday is made out of Dr Who fabric she purchased at Spoonflower. I have never used Spoonflower but she is very happy with the fabric that she got from them.

Tried to rearrange my house for my upcoming visitors. The room where Elly sleeps is chilly. I thought I could flip my bedroom and my dining room. It appears there is no way to get the dining table out of the dining room. I can only assume when my "movers" put the table in there, it came in thru the deck door. I can get it out that way but it would have to go to the garage. Balancing food on your lap with a two year is not a good way to have holiday meals. I am going to have to rethink sleeping arrangements. I have been sleeping the basement on the love seat chaise thingy. It is okay for a few nights, but you are sitting upright to sleep. I end up giving up my bed to my kids.  

This is a picture of my sister in last dress I made for her. It is the Vogue pattern that she worked so hard to lose the weight to get into it. I have fabric to make another dress after Christmas.

In stitches,

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