Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am hoping that everyone had a good holiday. This is a picture of me and my son. We all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas visit.
I did get some sewing done before Christmas. I made 4 pairs of sleep pants for my niece and nephew and 2 purses for my great nieces. They are three and four. I also have been crotcheting like a mad woman and making dish clothes like there might be a shortage of them in the near future. I have yet to make one for myself but I enjoy making them for everyone else. I also crocheted an 18 by 24 inch blanket for a friend's daughter's baby bed which she was getting for Christmas.
Working too many hours and not getting enough rest results in missing work with a stomach virus. I will go back to work tomorrow to finish out the week including double time on Friday and overtime on Saturday. I gave myself a new tire for my car the Monday before Christmas and I need to get the other one this weekend. Lucky me. We are coming into our busy season at work and there will be overtime both mandatory and volunteer. I am taking both.
I hoping that everyone will have a good 2010. I will list some of my goals for 2010 on my next post.
In stitches,

Monday, December 21, 2009

Long Time Coming

Christmas is just around the corner and today I gave myself an early Christmas present. A new tire for my car. It was such a special gift. I will give myself the matching tire after Christmas. I need to do more overtime for that purchase.

I am almost done with my Christmas preparations. I need to make a fabric book and two coin purses. I also need some stocking stuffers and a couple of gift cards. And nothing is wrapped and I am working all week. Overtime starts next Monday and I can get double time if I want to work on New Year's Day. Sounds like a plan for the next new tire.

I have started crocheting again. I am making dish clothes while on the phone at work. I average 2.5 to 3 dish clothes in an 8 hour shift. I have not yet made one for myself but my co workers seem to like the ones they have gotten. I would share pictures of them with you if I only had pictures of them.

My son and his wife are getting ready for their trip home. They should be here late Wednesday night. I will leave the wrapping stuff out for them in my dining room so they can finish their wrapping. I will also unpack my new iron and recover my ironing board so if they need to press anything they won't use my couch as an ironing board as they did last year.

I am going to close for now. I will write more regularly in the new year and have more pictures to share.

In stitches,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

If there is smoke

I am now adding a new iron to my wish list. I remember using mine a week or so ago, and it seems I forgot to turn it off. Not a good thing. I came home from work last night and smelled smoke. There was a slight layer of smoke hanging around the light fixtures in the sewing room. I quickly unplugged the cable box because I had problems with it last week. Then I called 911 and within minutes the fire department dispatched two fire trucks, a chief's car, a police car. It seems the iron had overheated after being unattended and on for over a week. I was very lucky that all I had to replace was an iron and not a house!!!

I am so forever grateful to the good Lord for watching out for me. I used a fan all night to pull the smoky air out of the basement and turned off the heat and opened a window at the top of the stairs to allow the smell to leave my house. It only got down to 47 degrees last night and it was not bad sleeping without heat. The house smells much better today and I think I have a lead on an iron.

In stitches,


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Things are getting better

The computer is back at home but it is not hooked up yet. It will get hooked up later this weekend. The car has heat!! And friends painted my dining room for me. I have talked to everyone and there will be a houseful for Thanksgiving. I will do the shopping for that this weekend and not set foot in a grocery store the week before the holiday.

This weekend we are having a soup dinner at my sister's and we are drawing names for our family gift exchange. This should be fun. I am making low key {not spicy} meatless chili in honor of my baby sister who does not eat meat. I also need to make sure to take some turkey for my niece who does not like soup and she can have a turkey sandwich.

I am planning on machine quilting a wall hanging for my son and daughter in law this weekend. Someone else put it together for them as a wedding gift and I am doing the quilting. I have a book on tape that I will pop in the player and listen to take while I am quilting. I will have pictures soon for all of these projects and will post them soon!!!

In stitches,


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life sucks

The car is sick. It is starting to get cold outside in the mornings and my heat is not working well. It has been to the shop once already and supposedly it is fixed. But it gets really cold in Ohio in the winter and I will freeze to death in my car on the way to work some morning. It is going back to the shop tomorrow.

The computer is sick also. It has some yucky virus and it is back in the shop. It should be back by the end of the week. Just in time for the extra pay period that happens only twice a year. And I am getting a bonus on that check also. Bye bye bonus and extra pay check!! I guess I didn't really need the money. I would rather have heat in the winter.

I had quilt last night. It is always great to get together with this group of ladies. When I got there one lady was curling another gal's hair. Trying to fix her perm. We had home made chocolate chip cookies. Male and female. Male with nuts. Female without. Several gals were binding their projects and I was working on a wall hanging that I found in a box in my sewing room. I am trying to finish up projects that are almost done.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!!

In pieces,


Saturday, October 24, 2009

computer is sick again

The computer is sick again and it is going back to the shop. I miss it when it is gone but I get lots of other things done. I am going to stop at JoAnn's and get some spray adhesive and baste my daughter in law's quilt together and start the machine quilting of it. I promised her she could have it when they came for Thanksgiving. It should not take long for the machine quilting. After all it is just a wall hanging. I should have it ready to hand stitch the binding down at our meeting on Monday night.

I am thinking about getting some shots of the fall around here. The leaves are just beautiful this year. I am also going to do some baking this weekend. I promised a gal at work some peanut butter blossom cookies. She is providing the peanut butter and I love to bake and cook.

In pieces,


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's been a while

It i s hard to realize that it has been almost a month since I have posted anything. My computer spent part of the time in the shop with a complete overhaul. But it is much better now and I am quite happy.

Fall has come to Ohio. It is wonderful. The trees are starting to turn and there is a different crispness in the air. Every one you talk to has an opinion of the kind of winter to expect. Lots of snow, not much snow, ice, much warmer than normal, and much colder than last year. I am opting for much warmer than normal and snow just on the grass. But I am sure that won't happen.

I have started organizing the sewing room. It is a huge task. I never thought that I would admit it but I have too much fabric. I have started storing fabric in my pantry. I will have to live to be 105 to use up all my fabric. Especially if I do not buy any more fabric and stop taking any free fabric looking for a home.

I did finish one project. I had a panel that had two Halloween Trick or Trick bags on it. I did finish those last week for my niece and nephew. I am currently hand quilting a panel in between calls at work. It has angels on it and I will finish it tomorrow. Then onto a table runner that I have been working. I am trying to finish projects before starting any more. We shall see. I will include pictures as things get finished.

In stitches,


Friday, September 18, 2009

Something about Judy

I am Judy. I am a scrap quilter with a fabric addiction. Better known as a stash. I like to say it is well organized but that would be a lie. I am working on it but the stash has taken over my sewing room. I just inherited my sister's stash as she has given up most quilting and is focusing on drawing and painting. I work full time an lately have been putting in massive amounts of overtime. Hence, no time in the sewing room except to use the computer. I need to have eveything straightened up by Thanksgiving. I am having a houseful of people and need to put the overflow in the basement. I would not like to lose small children in the stash.

In stitches,