Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's been a while

It i s hard to realize that it has been almost a month since I have posted anything. My computer spent part of the time in the shop with a complete overhaul. But it is much better now and I am quite happy.

Fall has come to Ohio. It is wonderful. The trees are starting to turn and there is a different crispness in the air. Every one you talk to has an opinion of the kind of winter to expect. Lots of snow, not much snow, ice, much warmer than normal, and much colder than last year. I am opting for much warmer than normal and snow just on the grass. But I am sure that won't happen.

I have started organizing the sewing room. It is a huge task. I never thought that I would admit it but I have too much fabric. I have started storing fabric in my pantry. I will have to live to be 105 to use up all my fabric. Especially if I do not buy any more fabric and stop taking any free fabric looking for a home.

I did finish one project. I had a panel that had two Halloween Trick or Trick bags on it. I did finish those last week for my niece and nephew. I am currently hand quilting a panel in between calls at work. It has angels on it and I will finish it tomorrow. Then onto a table runner that I have been working. I am trying to finish projects before starting any more. We shall see. I will include pictures as things get finished.

In stitches,


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