Saturday, July 7, 2012

Busy, busy!

I have been busily sewing. I am making 12 backpacks and 12 purses for an order. If all goes well this could be my new part time job and $$'s for my new car! I take customer service calls for a living! I work in my living room and have my sewing machine set up right next to the desk! The calls have been odd this week! Please do not hang up on me, if you do not like my answer. Do not think if you hang up and call right that you will get me again and that I will remember you. Not a chance! And please do not swear at me, I am NOT your insuance company and I did not for e you to take this policy.And do not threaten me with the death of your patient if I do not approve the mess you are prescribing. I am following the criteria that is outlined by your health plan. I am so happy that I have my fabric nearby to fondle before, during, and after a call!!! In Stitches, Judy