Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No sewing tonight

I was all set to sew tonight but my plans changed. I went and spent some time with my sister, Patty, who is recovering from fibroid surgery. She had some errands to do and I was the designated driver. We did the errands and then we had a picnic on her porch with her and the kids. No pictures as the camera was at home. After the picnic it was bath time for Vincent not my sister. I did that and when I left for home they were settling down to watch the Simpson movie and Patty was hunkering down with the heating pad.

Here they are at church.

In stitches,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

20 minutes to sew

I just finished Tuesday's 20 minutes of sewing. I am starting to see real progress on my quilt. I still have a ways to go. Each block has 4 pieces around a center square. I have the most blocks ready to put the 3rd piece on, a few that need a partial seam sown and it will be complete. I have already decided how I am going to quilt the finished project. I willl machine most of the quilti with a meander stitch and I will hand quilt the white squares with either a hear or a small flower. It is so nice to have my sewing mojo back. It has been missing for such a long time.

In stiches,

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday stuff

I have decided that I need to sew every day for about 20 minutes. I finished 7 blocks for my Feedsack quilt from the  Scrapbasket Surprises book. I need 80 blocks and so far I have finished 9 blocks.

Tonight was our small group meeting. I did some more cutting for several of my 30's prints quilts. I have organized the various quilts into 2.5 gallon zip lock bags along with the pattern. I found several bags with partially finished quilt tops and fabric cut out for other quilts when I was cleaning the sewing room this weekend but no of these bags contained any patterns. These should make some interesting quilts.

I am getting my stuff ready for work tomorrow. I am going to take the small crock pot to work tomorrow and cook chicken in it. And do corn on the cob in the microwave. Then I can come home from work and grab a quick dinner and sew.

In stitches,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I sewed today!!

It has been a very long time since I sewed anything. But this evening I sewed and organized and planned yet another quilt. I am on 30's prints kick. I have several either cut out or ready to be cut out. I am so excited!!

My friend, Jennifer was here again today and she played on EQ7. She is getting the hang of it. She is having such fun with it. We also went to Hancock Fabrics to pick up some yellow fabric for her next project. I did find 3 pieces of 30's prints for my stash.

We are having yet another summer storm. It is lightning and raining outside. I am getting ready for bed. I hope we do not loose power. I certainly don't want to be late for work in the morning.

Here is the quilt design I am working on. I am making pinwheels using thangles. Finished size of the pinwheels will be 4". I will be using the scraps from the other quilts I am making.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


The lifting of overtime did not last long. It is back!!! It has been an interesting week so far for me. I stepped on a piece of glass on Sunday night and made a trip to Urgent Care on Monday morning. I ended up with three stitches in my foot and a tetnaus shot for good behavior. I got a treat for being such a good girl at Urgent Care. I have a few more 30's prints and a new book. I did go to work for a good portion of Tuesday but ended up in bed early in the afternoon with some pain meds. I also called off on Wednesday and just rested without pain meds. I worked today for 9 hours and I am feeling pretty good.

Tomorrow night is quilting with Jennifer. I am going to get her set up on my machine for some machine quilting and I am going to do some cutting. And maybe work on the sewing room. It has gotten out of control. I have been taking pictures of the room for the "before" pictures, so when I am finished you can view the "after" pictures.

The gals at work are doing books on tape. We are doing off phone functions and the books on tape help pass the time and block out the noise of the other people on the floor. I have gotten the gals hooked on the Sisterhood books by Fern Michaels. These books are awesome. I had read some of them several years ago and they are riveting.

It's getting late and it is time to turn in. Another 9 hour day awaits me and I have to change my dressing in the morning before work and find a sock to wear to work.

In stitches,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Overtime has been lifted

Well kind of. No more mandatory overtime during  the week but the Saturday mandatory overtime is still in place. So I am hoping to get back to sewing and gardening. I am making earrings every morning before work so I have something new to wear to work. My camera is upstairs so I will photograph them at a later date.

I have been working a bit on EQ7. Here is the newest design. It would look cool as a wallhanging maybe in my dining room.

In stitches,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

EQ Fun

Last night Jennifer came over to play with EQ7 and sadly one of her designs did not save. She is coming over again later in the week and she will have to make a new one to replace the one from Saturday nigh. I played with it for awhile this afternoon and here is what I came up with.

I am thinking this would be a good pattern for my homespun plaids. And it would look wonderful in my living room. But I had a chat with my sister, Karen and she reminded me that there must be some UFO that I could finish before starting something new.There is always someone to rain on my parade. But I can design as long as I don't start something else.

Sadly nothing to report on the stash front. I have not bought any fabric nor I have I used any fabric.But check out Judy's blog to see what everyone else is up to.

Friday, June 11, 2010

weekend fun

It looks like I may be able to sew this weekend after all. It looks like we are going to get caught up work tomorrow and I will get to go home early!!! I am hoping to do a small wall hanging to have something to  hand quilt. I have been staying out of EQ7 until the weekend. I want some uninterupted time to play. Okay just a little quilt I whipped up.

In stitches,


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

EQ 7

This is my first attempt to use my EQ7.  My friend, Jennifer, from work came over tonight and got her first real taste of EQ and she is hooked. She was going to machine quilt a baby quilt but I gave her a short tutorial of EQ and turned her loose on EQ 7. I promised I would not show her first attempt but I will show you my first attempt. It is so addicting!!!

In stitches,


Monday, June 7, 2010

Let's quilt

Sunday afternoon, my sister, her hubby and their two children came for computer repair and dinner. My brother in law, Luke was able to get me EQ5 and EQ6 working. I played with it for a few minutes last night and today I got EQ7 in the mail and I installed it. I played for a few minutes but I will work on it tomorrow night. It looks to be an awesome program. I hope it will give me the freedom to design new quilts and start using up my stash.

In stitches,

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Saturday!!

Today was a busy day but I would not change a thing. I overslept and was about an hour late for work.But I worked steadily thru lunch and got a lot of stuff finished. I left at 2pm to spend the rest of the day with my sister, Karen and her art project. She is making an art quilt and she doesn't much like to quilt. I supplied the encouragement, fabric, and batting. I can't wait to see the finished product. Then I stopped at the grocery on the way home to get the stuff for dinner tomorrow night. I am having my siter, Patty, her hubby, Luke and their kids Vincent and Lily. Luke is going to troubleshoot my computer and I am hoping that we can get the bugs worked out so I can load EQ6 as I anticipate the arrival of my copy of EQ7.

In stitches,


Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Friday!!

I would like to say the weekend is here but mine does not start until 2pm tomorrow afternoon. It is still crazy at work. I am going to spend the rest of Saturday with my sister, Karen. We are going to work on her art quilt. I have to gather a few things together and then I am going to get comfy on the couch. I am going in 2 hours early tomorrow so I can get off early.

There is not much to see out the window at work. I have a window seart but I am on the 5th floor. I am hoping to get a shot of the pair of vultures that are nesting one floor up. But today all I got were clouds. And I think this is a cool cloud picture.

In stitches,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life is never dull

If anybody asks you if you have Triple A be very afraid. I was at work and at the end of a 10 hour day when a co worker asked if I had Triple A. I said yes and she said good cause you have a flat tire. I called it and someone came out and changed it. I went to the local tire right at closing and got it patched and I was on my way. No time for weeding tonight but I have 4 good tires on my car and I am ready for the next adventure that comes my way. Two days until my very short weekend. I have mandatory overtime on Saturday yet again. My weekend starts at 2PM on Saturday. Let's see how much I can cram into my weekend.

In stitches,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The two sides of Wednesday

Today was such a lovely day. I got some very good shots of the sunrise on my way to work this morning.

And it was horribly stormy this evening. I planted some of my flovwers last night and they enjoyed the rain tonight.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?!!

In stitches,