Thursday, June 24, 2010


The lifting of overtime did not last long. It is back!!! It has been an interesting week so far for me. I stepped on a piece of glass on Sunday night and made a trip to Urgent Care on Monday morning. I ended up with three stitches in my foot and a tetnaus shot for good behavior. I got a treat for being such a good girl at Urgent Care. I have a few more 30's prints and a new book. I did go to work for a good portion of Tuesday but ended up in bed early in the afternoon with some pain meds. I also called off on Wednesday and just rested without pain meds. I worked today for 9 hours and I am feeling pretty good.

Tomorrow night is quilting with Jennifer. I am going to get her set up on my machine for some machine quilting and I am going to do some cutting. And maybe work on the sewing room. It has gotten out of control. I have been taking pictures of the room for the "before" pictures, so when I am finished you can view the "after" pictures.

The gals at work are doing books on tape. We are doing off phone functions and the books on tape help pass the time and block out the noise of the other people on the floor. I have gotten the gals hooked on the Sisterhood books by Fern Michaels. These books are awesome. I had read some of them several years ago and they are riveting.

It's getting late and it is time to turn in. Another 9 hour day awaits me and I have to change my dressing in the morning before work and find a sock to wear to work.

In stitches,

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jilly said...

I glad to hear your OK. That happened to me years ago, not fun. Though I waited weeks before going in and having the tiny piece of glass removed. Stupid I know.

Just keep telling yourself the more overtime the faster you get your car.