Tuesday, June 8, 2010

EQ 7

This is my first attempt to use my EQ7.  My friend, Jennifer, from work came over tonight and got her first real taste of EQ and she is hooked. She was going to machine quilt a baby quilt but I gave her a short tutorial of EQ and turned her loose on EQ 7. I promised I would not show her first attempt but I will show you my first attempt. It is so addicting!!!

In stitches,



Karen said...

I think you will have fun with your newest edition of EQ. that is an awesome quilt that you posted. are you going to make it up? that would be in your spare time that is. LOL!!!!!!!

CatQuilter said...

Hi Judy!

If I purchase EQ I wouldn't do ANYTHING else but design quilts.

Love ya,