Tuesday, June 29, 2010

20 minutes to sew

I just finished Tuesday's 20 minutes of sewing. I am starting to see real progress on my quilt. I still have a ways to go. Each block has 4 pieces around a center square. I have the most blocks ready to put the 3rd piece on, a few that need a partial seam sown and it will be complete. I have already decided how I am going to quilt the finished project. I willl machine most of the quilti with a meander stitch and I will hand quilt the white squares with either a hear or a small flower. It is so nice to have my sewing mojo back. It has been missing for such a long time.

In stiches,

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Jandi said...

Cute block layout. Sometimes I find it really hard to put in the time to sew. Maybe I'll try just doing 20 minutes too.