Thursday, November 12, 2009

Things are getting better

The computer is back at home but it is not hooked up yet. It will get hooked up later this weekend. The car has heat!! And friends painted my dining room for me. I have talked to everyone and there will be a houseful for Thanksgiving. I will do the shopping for that this weekend and not set foot in a grocery store the week before the holiday.

This weekend we are having a soup dinner at my sister's and we are drawing names for our family gift exchange. This should be fun. I am making low key {not spicy} meatless chili in honor of my baby sister who does not eat meat. I also need to make sure to take some turkey for my niece who does not like soup and she can have a turkey sandwich.

I am planning on machine quilting a wall hanging for my son and daughter in law this weekend. Someone else put it together for them as a wedding gift and I am doing the quilting. I have a book on tape that I will pop in the player and listen to take while I am quilting. I will have pictures soon for all of these projects and will post them soon!!!

In stitches,


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