Saturday, November 14, 2009

If there is smoke

I am now adding a new iron to my wish list. I remember using mine a week or so ago, and it seems I forgot to turn it off. Not a good thing. I came home from work last night and smelled smoke. There was a slight layer of smoke hanging around the light fixtures in the sewing room. I quickly unplugged the cable box because I had problems with it last week. Then I called 911 and within minutes the fire department dispatched two fire trucks, a chief's car, a police car. It seems the iron had overheated after being unattended and on for over a week. I was very lucky that all I had to replace was an iron and not a house!!!

I am so forever grateful to the good Lord for watching out for me. I used a fan all night to pull the smoky air out of the basement and turned off the heat and opened a window at the top of the stairs to allow the smell to leave my house. It only got down to 47 degrees last night and it was not bad sleeping without heat. The house smells much better today and I think I have a lead on an iron.

In stitches,


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