Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am hoping that everyone had a good holiday. This is a picture of me and my son. We all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas visit.
I did get some sewing done before Christmas. I made 4 pairs of sleep pants for my niece and nephew and 2 purses for my great nieces. They are three and four. I also have been crotcheting like a mad woman and making dish clothes like there might be a shortage of them in the near future. I have yet to make one for myself but I enjoy making them for everyone else. I also crocheted an 18 by 24 inch blanket for a friend's daughter's baby bed which she was getting for Christmas.
Working too many hours and not getting enough rest results in missing work with a stomach virus. I will go back to work tomorrow to finish out the week including double time on Friday and overtime on Saturday. I gave myself a new tire for my car the Monday before Christmas and I need to get the other one this weekend. Lucky me. We are coming into our busy season at work and there will be overtime both mandatory and volunteer. I am taking both.
I hoping that everyone will have a good 2010. I will list some of my goals for 2010 on my next post.
In stitches,

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