Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year!! I spent mine at house. I called my children about 10PM wished them Happy New Year and went to bed. I signed up to work today and needed to be awake for the day. We weren't busy. (No big surprise) and I came home early and put chicken and dumplings in the crock pot and went to the basement. I need to get started on my basement mess. It has become a catch all. I am planning on taking baby steps to get the whole are straigtened and organized.

January goals

1. Finish at least one old project a month. I have tops that need quilting and tops partially pieced. I have fabric set aside for projects. I need to get busy.

2. Do at least one charity quilt each month with my scraps. It is for Kids Komfort and it does not need to be fancy. A good way to practrice my machine quilting skills.

3. Work on the JK project. My sister and I are doing a project together. We have a bunch of prompts in bag to help us decide where to go with our project. We pick a prompt and interpret it and go from there. The only thing is we are using two different mediums. She is using a canvas as she is likes to paint and draw and I am a fabric artist. I will keep you posted on how this is working out. I promised her I would work on this project soon.

4. Finish a fabric book for my ex husband. This is the only gift I did not get done for Christmas 2009. I have compiled pictures of our late son to transfer into a fabric book. I had my son and his wife help with the project and all that got done was running out of blue ink for my printer. That problem has been solved.

There are other goals that I need to accomplish like getting more exercise and eating better but those are unwritten goals that cannot crossed off a master list. They are ongoing goals. I am also crocheting dish clothes during our slow times at work. It helps me keep my sanity and sometmes my tongue in check. I have probably done about 30 of them in the last 6 weeks and my aim is to keep it up until I get some of my quilting projects to the point of hand stitching the binding.

In stitches,


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