Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturdays are for Sisters

I have three sisters all younger than me and we all live in the same general area. We try and do something together at least once every couple of months schedules permitting. Yesterday was the day we all had clear schedules. We decided on lunch and a movie. Becky my middle sister ended up not feeling well and had to cancel. We ended meeting at Patty's house in Kentucky and did lunch at Bob Evan's and a movie at Newport on the Levee. We saw It's Complicated and it was a riot. Then on to Barnes and Nobles to gaze at the books. Everyone bought something. I eneded up with a cookbook on bread making and a set of reduced mugs.

We went back to Patty's to retrieve our cars and Patty helped with my blog. It certainly looks pretty. I took a peak at hers and though she has not posted anything on it the background is looking sharp.

I do not think I will be doing any sewing today. I am working on decluttering the sewing room. I then may do some more cutting. I have scraps that need to get under control. I did work on a baby quilt using some of my scraps but still not making a dent in the scraps. Someday!!!

In stitches,

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