Sunday, January 17, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting

I went to Kentucky to babysit Vincent and Lily my nephew and niece. Ages 4 and 7. This is Lily's ear and the back of Vincent's neck. And a picture of Ben the cat who slept with me. I was bundled under some polar fleece and he thought I looked like I need a sleep buddy. They are a hoot. We started the evening making homemade pizza. I burnt it. Badly. Plan B for dinner a trip thru the drive thru at the Golden Arches just a few blocks from my sister's house. Then we worked on calendars my mom bought for them. Blanks pages that needed the months and all the numbers put on. We are good until July. But the gigles and the laughter was wonderful. Betime was no problem. Lily slept in her bed and Vincent slept in his parent's bed.

Saturday morning was homemade chocolate chip pancakes. Yummy!!! Then it was craft time. We made Oobleck. I found it on the internet. You mix one cup water with 1 1/2 cup corn starch and some food coloring. It is slimy to start with and the more you mess with it gets to be a flowing liquid and the longer it sets the thicker it get. And then you mess with it some more and it goes to flowing liquid. Lily liked it and Vincent did not like it because it was slimy. And his mom did not like the texture and his dad did not wan to touch it at all.

We made cookies that came from Market Day. Christmas cookies. We tinted the sugar ourselves--yellow, blue, and green. Red sugar came from the kitchen cabinet. And lots of chocolate chips. I only burned one pan of cookies. All the cookies stayed in Kentucky. A good thing for my diet. The kids really enjoyed cooking and baking. And the craft. Next time they will come to my house for an overnight and we will find other cool things to do!!!
In stitches,

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