Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hump day

It's Wednesday!!! I did not get to the sewing machine tonight. I spend most of the evening on line with a friend from work who is having a tough time. I have almost finshed the scarf I have been crocheting this week. When I finish the scarf I will start hand piecing my next quilt. I am going to do most of it on my machine but it will be easy to start by hand and I like hand piecing.

Tomorrow I have to start packing for my overnight at my sister's house. I am staying with her kids while she and her hubby go to Pennsylvania for a wedding. We will be making Oobleck, pancakes, and pizza from scratch. And cookies from a kit I have in the freezer at work. And ice cream which is always fun. And we need to do a craft of some sort.

I am hoping to spend the rest of the weekend at home sewing. I want to finish this quilt that is still in the early stages. My creative juices have finally started flowing and that is good thing. I thought they were going to be stuck forever.

In stitches,

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