Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where are my glasses

I have lost my glasses!!! Not a good thing for this near sighted gal or for the rest of the world as I drive to work for the second day without them. I have prayed to St. Anthony the keeper of lost things and still no glasses. I have one more spot to look for them at work tomorrow and then I am guessing it will time to get new glasses. Yipee!!
The lights are all out in the basement along with the freezer but there is a long extension cord from one working outlet to the freezer. The sewing machine, the shop light above the sewing, the computer and the TV still work. I have not checked the washer or the dryer. I have a lead on an electrician.

I still have 3 blocks to finish for my baby quilt. And I need to work on the JK Project. I have selected yet another UFO to work on. I found a bag full of 2.5" Christmas fabric squares and now I am hand piecing them into 3D bowtie blocks. I want to make a quilt for Christmas and have decided that I need to start now in order to get it done in time for Christmas 2010.

In stitches,


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Quilter Kathy said...

Oh my...I hope you find them! I always keep my old pair around just in case. I can't see as well with the old ones, but better than no glasses :)