Thursday, January 7, 2010

White death part 2

White death has come and gone. I think I got about 4 inches at home and much less at the office. I went to work early enough to miss the morning snow and it was snowing when I left to come home but the roads were ok and I had new trouble getting home. If the road crews continue to treat the roads overnight, my commute tomorrow should be no problem.

Two of my sisters are teachers and they both had snow days. My youngest sister, Patty, had no school but her kids did. Now that would be awesome. My third sister drives country back roads to work and she had some trouble getting home. She couldn't always find the road. But everyone is home safe and sound. Tomorrow is another day.

This weekend is going to be a sewing weekend. I have several projects I want to start or finish. Especially the JK Project.

In stitches,

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