Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Glasses part 2

I have an appointment after work for an eye exam and to start the ball rolling for new glasses. I have been two whole days without them. The places that my friends have suggested I look for my glasses keep getting wierder and wierder. One gal suggested looking in my cleavage she seems to find her glasses there from time to time. I checked no such luck.

I have put together another handful of bowtie blocks at work today. I have an idea for the layout of this quilt but these little 4" blocks are going to need some company to make a quilt. I will bring them home this weekend and see how they look on my design wall.

I am getting together with my sisters this weekend and Karen is bringing her rendition of the JK Project and I am bringing mine. We are going to draw another idea out of the bag and go forward. I am going with the theme "Have you seen it?" I need a theme for a quilt or at least an idea of how it is going to turn out before starting on it.

I am changing desks again at work. Now instead of being right next to the bathroom I will be near the break room. We shall see how that works out. I will be back with the rest of my department I had be straddling two departments and now I am back in my primary department and I really like it. I will get a big desk like I have now. Yeah!!!

In stitches,


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