Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Life is going along. My allergies have woken up and are kicking my butt. Seems to have settled in my chest and are playing hide and seek with my voice. I work in customer service and I am on the phone 8 hours a day. Today I was able to do work off the phone to save what little bit of voice I had. But mid way through the day, my internet went out. Shucky darn. For almost an hour I was unable to do any work at all. But my voice was behaving. Getting ready to log back into the work computer for my overtime. Won't need my voice but there is a storm brewing outside with lots of lightning and thunder. I hope I can keep power tonight. Life is what happens when you make other plans.

No sewing again today. I will be too tired once my day is over to do any sewing. Maybe tomorrow between my over time and my regular shift I will be able to do a bit of sewing. I have several quick projects to do. Just need a few minutes together to get them done. I have purchased the fabric to make Lily a new flannel nightgown and it will be a cinch to sew together if I get the time.

My sister, Karen, is back in Ohio. We are hoping to spent some sister time together this weekend. I am also going to Kentucky to get some time with my niece and nephews on Sunday. And my new shift starts next week at work, and I will be off on Mondays. So this weekend I will have a three day weekend. Awesome!!

In stitches,


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