Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sisters and Fun

It's the weekend, let the fun begin!! I have just finished working 20 hours of overtime and my new schedule starts next week. I will be working Tuesday thru Saturday. This will be a three day weekend for me. Wow!!

My sister, Karen, is in town again from Georgia and we are going to get into mischief this weekend. Tomorrow Karen, Becky, another sister and our mom are going to see Art Deco: Fashion and Design in the Jazz Age 
and then back to Becky's for lunch of homemade soup and bread. Then I think Karen and I might make a trip to JoAnn Fabrics for the Moonlight Madness Sale. I am making a flannel nightgown for a friend for Christmas and the snuggle flannel is on sale 60% off.

Sunday is a trip to northern Kentucky to babysit my niece, Lily and her two younger brothers, Vincent and Neil while my sister mans the Open House at the school where she teaches. Then back home for me to work on mulch mountain. Actually it is going down and it is more like mulch hill. There still is enough mulch in the way of getting my car into the garage. The weather on Sunday is supposed to be favorable for mulch moving.

On Monday, Karen and I will be making a trip to Lawrenceburg, Indiana to visit the Hollywood Casino. Yeah. Then in the evening I will be able to go to my small quilt group meeting. That makes me happy!!

I have been sewing this week! I have found out that I can sew standing up. When my system at work is loading work for me, I end up with up to 15 minutes of time to fill. I did have a sewing table set up next to my desk, but that is so messy. So now I have my machine set up on  my buffet and sew standing up. Whatever works!! I am making a polar fleece duvet cover for my comforter. It is lavender and yellow with pink hook and loop tape. Sounds like an Easter Egg, doesn't it. The walls in my bedroom are sage green and this duvet cover will go with curtains that are hanging up there now. I am going to try it out tonight without the hook and loop tape. Tomorrow I will put that on the duvet cover after I get back from JoAnn's.

In stitches,

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