Thursday, February 24, 2011


How come on the day you have been up for the longest (over 18 hours), you cannot wind down to sleep. I have tried playing computer games, exercising, and now I am going to force myself to sleep. Surely there is something I want to see on TV because that will put me to sleep for sure. 

I did spend some time this morning before work looking at quilt blogs. There are only about 100 things out there that I would not mind starting. But of course, I do not need any more new projects. This weekend is bags for gifts. I need to make two purple bags and one pink bag for the little girls at the birthday party next weekend. I need to make a bag for my niece, mother of one purple and one pink bag, and a bag for other daughter who is turning 1. The bag for her will have a doll in it. I also need to make one other bag for my other niece who may or may not be at the party. Also I need one boy present. He will not be getting a tote bag and I have already made him a denim bag. So he will get something from me.

Still no bag for me yet. I am making bags for the gals at work. I have one completely finished and one almost finished. And lots to do. But I am trying to use the stash that is upstairs in the dining room where I am currently sewing. So these bags should be interesting.  Pictures to follow soon. 

Work is still busy. Overtime has not let up yet. One site is closing tomorrow, so we should get busier. I used part of my overtime money for the new refrigerator. I am really enjoying the refrigerator. It seems so empty right now. Grocery shopping is on the list this weekend.

Rain/snow mix for the drive to work tomorrow. Lovely! I have been hoping for spring but I guess that is not an option yet. I know it is coming!!

In stitches,

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