Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making time to sew


I think I have figured out how to find time to sew in this busy period of my life. I got up this morning and did my exercising while I ran the dryer with my blanket from work in it. I will work either 9 or 9.5 hours then come home have dinner and then into the sewing room. I am almost finished with tote bag for a cool kid who is having a birthday next week. Her mom is a special friend of mine. The bag is mostly pink with touches of purple. I can finish it tonight and then back to UFO#6 from last month. Lists, I need to make a list.

Got a good report from my lupus doctor yesterday. She is impressed with my weight loss and says the stress level at work plays havoc with my lupus. There will always be stress but this is the kind that I can strive in. I have a job!!

Check it out! The countdown to spring. I just want the snow to go away!! And for it to warm up a bit. Single digits are not warm!! 

In stitches,


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