Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sewing Sunday

It is Sunday and I am sewing!! I am so excited. I have finished my purple monochromatic challenge!! I am getting ready to start my Red Scrappy challenge. I have decided make bags for most of my challenges. The purple on turned out well. I have the red one at the sewing machine ready to go. Then it will be time to get out UFO #10 striped table runner{s}. I want to master one then make bunches for family and friends for Christmas. 

I bought something new today and it is being delivered tomorrow. A refrigerator!! I noticed this morning when I got ice that it was melty. Not cold and dry like it usually is. I got online and shopped around and decided on 18.2 cu. ft. top freezer refrigerator from Lowe's and they will deliver it tomorrow afternoon. All those hours of overtime have paid off. Of course, I am taking the day off to wait on the delivery and I will not get paid for the day.

Yesterday, I left for work at 6am and this is what I saw outside. The prettiest moon and the trees without leaves gives it the aura of Halloween!! How many days until spring?

In stitches,

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