Monday, February 28, 2011

Sewing, finally!!

I finally got to do some sewing this weekend! I am making bags for little girls. I have four bags in the same stage of almost done. I have to make the handles for all four bags and put the binding on the top edge of 2 bags. That is easy enough to do. Then I have two more bags to make before Friday night or early Saturday morning. The birthday party is on Saturday and I will get there after I do my overtime. 

I walked with my mom and sister, Becky yesterday in Glendale, Ohio. (hi Becky!). It is nice, interesting little town. Lots of old homes, new homes, and lots of historic stuff to look at. We had a great walk. We are looking for spring and hoping for sunshine. We did not get much of that for our walk. 

I got up this morning during the calm before the storm. Lightning, thunder, and lots of rain and wind. I had to go out in my jammies to retrieve my recycle bin which had escaped off my side porch. I am finally warm. Time for my shower with warm water and no wind. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend and got to spend some time doing the things they love the most!! Have a great week!!

In stitches,

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