Friday, February 25, 2011

In my yard


The weatherman was right again today. Rain/snow mix. The snow pictures are of my back yard and my swing. 

This is my front yard. I normally do not have a lake in my front yard and this evening it was gone along with all the snow. At one point this morning it was sunny and snowing. But nothing was sticking.

Good news on the job front. I had interviewed for my job on Tuesday and today I was offered my position, full time, permanent, with benefits, and my seniority in place. I had almost 5 years of seniority. I start as a permanent employee on March 14th. Benefits do not go in effect until May 1st. I will start accumulating PTO hours that I cannot use until the middle of June. I am hoping to get to New York to visit my kids but it won't happen until June at the earliest. 

I did a bit of sewing before work and I think I have perfected the handles for the shopping bag. It is something that I can be proud of. Tomorrow after work will be a sewing day!

In stitches,

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