Monday, June 17, 2013


I spent a bit of time reading old posts on my blog. This is a quilting blog. If you read my old  posts you would think that it was a blog about me working over time and a bit of quilting thrown in for good measure.

That is changing as of now. The new focus of the blog will be quilting, a bit of gardening, and a few posts about family. And not much about working.

This is one of two quilts I machine quilted and bound for the raffle at my sister's school. It will be a project I will be involved with as long as my sister is teaching there.

In stitches,


Miss Carol said...

I too need to get back to blogging. I haven't posted since March!! I need to slow down, enjoy the beautiful quilts I have done and share them with all of you. It just takes too much time.

Judy said...

That is so true!