Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Down Time

 I work in a call center and sometimes I have a bit of down time. So I like to have something to work on. Lately I have been crocheting dish cloths. I have made and given away quite a bunch of them. In fact, if you see me on the street, watch out I might offer you a dish cloth.

Several years ago I made this quilt during my down time at work. It is hand pieced. I would mark the 1/4" seam allowance and away I would go. It is not yet quilted because it will be hand quilted.

So I have prepped all morning for my new down time project. Hexies!! I have cut a good stack of white hexies and today I will start glue basting them. I have finished one so far and I have already learned the glue dries quickly and I had to reapply it times to get around the hexagon. This is such a learning process.

I also spent an hour snipping on Neil's rag quilt. Not much to show for that. But I am trying to do about an hour every day and hope to get it washed and dried this weekend.

In stitches,

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