Thursday, June 6, 2013

Still no sewing

Still no sewing getting done around here. The sewing machine is still packed up from my class with Darlene Zimmerman. The house could use a bit of attention, but the yard is starting to look much better. I finished the front flowerbed and around the side of the house. It has been weeded and the begonias have been planted. Still needs mulch. I have another flower bed in the front but it is smaller. It needs to be weeded and planted. Today we are to have on and off showers. Great for the plants I have planted and even better for the weeds. They should come out without much work tomorrow. I am going to have to slow down on the weeding and planting on the days I have to work. My body was dragging last night. I work second shift and 11pm is a long day after doing a bunch of yard work. My neighbor mowed both yards last night and it looks really good. 

After my meeting today, I hope to get the sewing machine out and finish two dresses for Elly. We had a lovely Skype conversation on Tuesday. It is a nice way to spend my lunch break at work. 

I must go and get ready to go to my meeting. The sooner I go the sooner I am to getting to the sewing machine.

In stitches,

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