Monday, June 24, 2013

Hexies Rule!

  I have dug out my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt out of the closet with the intention of finishing the piecing of the top by the end of 2013. It is still misshapen but I have slowly added pieces to it. I keep it clothe pinned to the trash bag at my desk and I work on it whenever I have a free minute. It is my oldest UFO. Linking up with Judy L.

I was out in the yard, digging in the weeds yesterday. I have weeded all of the flower beds and ready to start round two. I worked so hard yesterday that I have earned myself a new trowel. I bent the old up something terrible. I still have a little bit of planting to do today. I have two pots of begonias to do for my front porch, a few marigolds to put in the pot on the deck, and my herbs to put in the boxes hanging from my deck. The next thing will be mulch.

In stitches,

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