Tuesday, July 2, 2013



The quilt for my nephew is completely snipped and tomorrow it will get it's wash and fluff. I have been working on my GFG quilt. I have added several hexies to the project but it is going to be a long slow project.

The yard work is coming along nicely. We have gotten a bunch of rain and it is a good and bad thing, I am saving time and money by not watering and it makes weeding easier, but it is so wet outside that it makes weeding a bit treacherous.

Tomorrow is a breakfast picnic and hike and a trip to the the laundromat and I need to make potato salad for our 4th of July picnic/birthday party. It is early in the day and I should be able to get home in time for some weeding. I still have mulch to put down. Working seems to get in the way!!

My sister and I have decided that our July projects should be Christmas related. I had great hopes of having my Christmas quilt pin basted in order to start hand quilting. Not!! I guess I will work on the Lil' Twister wall hanging. And there is always more of Elly's summer wardrobe. So very busy, so little time.

Need to get back upstairs to prepare for work. I need to fill the bird feeder and add some bird seed to the porch for the squirrels and cardinals. I need to get the hummingbird filler hung up and filled.

In stitches,

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