Sunday, July 28, 2013

Excitement is Building!

Counting down the days!! Saturday cannot come soon enough. These two cuties are coming for a visit. It is a shame that my son is unable to join them, but I understand. There is still a bit of work that needs to be done around here before Saturday. My sister, Patty, is coming tomorrow to help with the cleaning and decluttering. The last couple of weeks have been killer at work. For the moment, the training is done. But you never know when that can change. 
This afternoon my mom and my sister, Becky went to see the play Big River at the Showboat Majestic it was a very good production. It was a gorgeous day and there was a lot of traffic on the river and it took some getting used to the swaying of the boat. Cincinnati has a lot to offer and it is nice to check out things in your own backyard. 

There has not been much time to do any quilting and I miss it!! So I have been spending my winding down time checking out quilt blogs and adding to my quilt bucket list. I did pull out that one project that has almost been finished for quite some time. here. I cannot find the yellow fabric for the border so I have going to pull something else out of my stash and use that. I am hoping that this will be my August project and I can start the hand quilting and finish it once and for all!

In stitches,



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