Thursday, July 25, 2013

Busy, busy

I would like to say that I have been busy sewing and quilting, but that would be lie. Training has been kicking my butt. I normally work second shift and that is fine with me but for training I had to work day shift. And I had to be in the office, wear nice clothes, and pack a lunch. I seem to get more done in the morning and not so much in the evening. Today will be interesting. I am home and working my regular shift but I have to be in the office for another day of training and a day shift. 

I did spent about 20 minutes yesterday working on my hexies. That made me happy and calmed me down before starting my shift. I also made chili for dinner last night and it was awesome! Of course, I do not use a recipe and I will not be able to duplicate it again.

This is my squirrel friend who visits my porch while I am working. The first time he did this I thought he had died on my porch. No, he just like laying on my porch and eat the seed I put out!!

In stitches,


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sunny said...

Just relax until thimgs get back to "normal". LOL! Love your little squirrel. Rah!