Saturday, July 6, 2013


I have been working steadily on my old hexie project and I would like to think I am making progress. Not really. It took a while for it to get misshapen and it will take some time to put it back in order.

 My sister, Karen and I are doing one project each month. She had decided for Christmas in July. She is busily stitching on a Christmas Redwork Santa. I am busily thinking of a project to do. I was hoping to have pin basted my Christmas quilt and I could be hand quilting on it. But that has not happened. I have a Lil' Twister project that I want to start. It is too early think about Elly's Christmas dress. It is still early for me to have a project nailed down, so I am good!!

Time to get busy. I have a few projects to complete before it is time for work. Have a great weekend and sew!!

In stitches,

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