Sunday, July 14, 2013

Making progress

I have been steadily adding hexies to my GFG and I am making progress in baby steps. I started this over 15 years ago and without much direction. It never dawned on me to sew in rows. I seemed to sew t in a more circular direction. Now it is long enough from the head board to the foot board but the sides look more amoeba-like. It appears the top right hand corner is missing!

  I have a stack of flowers, several stacks of the white hexies for spacers and a bunch of  hexies that need to become flowers.  

I have also learned a lot along the way. Some of the fabrics I have used in the GFG are of questionable origin. But it is too late to take them out. I also notice there are quite a few selvages in the seams of my flowers. A no no now, but again something I did not know before. I also realized that I am a bright print kind of gal. Not many bright prints in the GFG. I am lucky that I still a bunch of the less than bright prints in my stash, so if I need to cut more hexies for flowers, I will be in business. 

Still need to get out and finish the mulch in my yard. It was quite warm and very humid today, so I took a nap after doing my errands. I may get out tonight as the sun goes down and then again first thing in the morning. My work schedule is changing this week. I will be going into the office for training during the day, quite a change from my work at home second shift. Got to find my lunch tote and start packing my lunch and snacks. It is so handy to walk into the kitchen for lunches and snacks! 

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In stitches,


sunny said...

I think it's interesting to have such a long-term project, so you can see how your tastes and skills have changed. It will still be a beautiful and unique quilt to be treasured. Rah!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Glad you are sticking with it. The best quilts are the ones with a lot of history and stories.

Karen said...

Hi, visiting from Lets Get Acquainted. I can't believe that you've been working on it so long! You'll be so pleased when it gets finished, It looks really pretty though! I'm working on a smaller hexie project, as it's my first, a table runner.