Monday, June 17, 2013


This will make my sister, Karen, happy. I have yet again drug out my Grandmother's Flower Garden. It was started more years ago than I can remember. I have been reading lots of blogs about hexies and decided this needed see the light of day and perhaps become a finished project for 2013.

I have finally figured out what needs to be done in order for me to complete it. I used to add pieces to this quilt in a circular manner. Not a good idea, it now misshapen. Also this was started when I was a novice quilter. I noticed there are a few pieces in the quilt top that are not 100% cotton. I am not taking them out but I am not adding any more of them to the quilt top. Also my color palette has definitely changed over the years. I really like bright colors and 30's prints. Not many of them in this quilt. But I still have some similar prints in my stash that will work if I need to make more flowers.

I did find a nice stack of flowers and an equally nice stack of hexies that need to be paper lined. I have here to order pre cut hexie shapes for the paper lining. And I have a new template to use when I cut the white fabric. And the class I took with Darlene Zimmerman, here has given the courage to finish the edge of the quilt.

I need to upstairs and get busy. The last few hours of my weekend is fading fast and I think I am going to put in some overtime tonight.

In stitches,

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