Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas sewing

One Christmas sewing project is done. I will take it's picture and then wrap it. I will not post pictures until after Christmas. Not fair to person getting the gift to see it on my blog. I still have a dog coat and two pairs of sleep pants to do and then I will be done. Today will be sewing on the quilt I am doing for JoAnn Fabrics quilt challenge. My skill set at work has changed and right now I have more down time between calls. So I will sew today.

Tomorrow is craft night at the house. Val is coming over and I am teaching her to sew. She is making matching nightgowns for her daughter and her niece and matching nightgowns for herself and her twin sister. The pattern is simple but the prep work is a killer for someone who has not ever sewed before. I will let you know how things progress over time. She hoping that everyone will be decked out in new nightwear for Christmas Eve.

Sunday is my sister's Christmas Concert with the Southwestern Ohio Symphonic Band at Lakota High School this year. It will be a fun time and then we are coming back here for dinner. I need to clean!!!

I need to close and get ready for work. I just need to run upstairs gave some breakfast and turn on the computer. The joys of working from home. It is a good gig if you can get it.

In stitches,

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